Zagat"Melrose’s happenin’ spot is this quintessentail New England fish restaurant with nautical-themed wood décor, a never-disappointing menu featuring everything from classic seafood shack to upscale preparations, a wide range of prices, and great cocktail and raw bars." Zagat's

NorthShore Magazine"When it comes to fish, freshness is all you need. Add several generations in the business of selling and serving fish … on Melrose’s Main Street, and you have a premiere seafood restaurant." North Shore Magazine

Boston MagazineBEST OF BOSTON 2011: "This spot's the real deal. Slurp fresh, cold oysters at the rowdy raw bar, or sit down at a table and dip into Turner's expansive menu. The fired platters come out heaping and hot..." Boston Magazine

Boston Globe"Much of the market is is full of glistening local fish, and there are also a few prepared dishes, such as fish cakes, lobster bisque and stuffed clams. The crab cakes stand out as well…" Boston Globe

Boston Herald"… people aren’t dining out as much because they can’ afford it. And when they do go out there’s no more experimenting, they are more apt to go for the sure thing," said Jim Turner. "The goal then, is to make sure Turner’s is that sure thing." Boston Herald

Fox News"Combining the fish market and open oyster bar with the restaurant – which lets people see their food before they eat it – has been a resounding success. And starting in 2010 they’ll be shipping their chowder and bisque nationwide." Fox News




Boston Local Food"Overall, Turner’s is worth the drive from Boston. The atmosphere is comfortable while the service is warm and welcoming. The prices are mid-range and the quality of the seafood is wonderful." Boston Local Food Festival