Know your seafood: White Hake


White hake (Urophycis tenuis)- also called mud hake- is a featured favorite on Turner’s menu.  As one of the lesser known species of the northwest Atlantic, the species offers a similar flavor profile to cod or haddock with a white, mild flakey meat. With a slight hint of natural buttery flavor, this fish can be prepared in a number of creative ways.

At Turner’s, the Hake Almondine is a popular dish and a staple on the menu year round.  For this dish a hake filet is lightly coated with clam fry and pan seared for the perfect level of crispiness.  The filet is then topped with a frangelico butter and shaved almonds. Paired with rice and veggies, this dish gets lots of positive feedback.

hake almondine

The traditional preparation for this north Atlantic treat is “Corned Hake.” For this dish, the hake is salted for a long period of time before cooking- an old technique for preserving the meat of the fish.  The hake is then boiled, usually with salt pork for flavor and served with mashed potatoes. Linda Greenlaw, a fisher-woman and author made famous for her portrayal in Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm, shares her favorite recipe for corned hake here.

corned hake
source: grit.com


Check back later this week for more info on white hake and it’s value as an underutilized species.