Fish in the News


Did you know the Huffington Post, an international web-based news source, has an entire section dedicated to fish in the news!?  For those of us working in the business of catching, buying, selling and cooking fish, this is exciting stuff.  You can visit this section by clicking here.  A recent browse through the fish section revealed the following interesting articles and blog posts:

source: Huffington Post

How to Scale and Gut a Fish

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“You may be wondering: Why should I learn how to gut and scale a fish at home when I could easily ask a fishmonger to do it for me? Isn’t that the whole point of going to a fishmonger? Why is “fishmonger” such a weird word, anyway?

There are three reasons why you should learn how to scale and gut your own fish:

1. You’ll know exactly how the fish has been processed, from where and when it was caught (if you have a local, reliable fish stand) to the way it was cleaned to how it was cooked. You can claim complete ownership over this fish.

2. If you’re camping and you catch a trout, you’re only five minutes away from a delicious breakfast — and you won’t have to call anyone to help you get there.

3. You’ll look really cool. If you tell someone that you scaled and gutted a fish, perhaps the very fish that you prepared for the elegant dinner party you’re all seated at, they will be impressed. It’s a fact….”

 (by Allison Seigel, Associate Taste Editor at the Huffington Post, read the whole article by clicking here. )

“CSAs (which stands for community supported agriculture) are great for so many reasons. You know exactly where your produce comes from, you’re introduced to new fruits and vegetables that you might not typically use, you’re supporting small-scale, sustainable farms and by eating locally and in-season, you’re helping the environment. But why should these benefits only apply to vegetables? Now, thanks to a new wave of Community Supported Fisheries, you can count on all of these benefits applying to seafood, too.

Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs) are based on the same model as CSAs. Members pay a flat fee and receive a pre-determined amount of seafood each week, month or however frequently the share delivers. They’re great, because the seafood industry is one part of the food world that sorely needs more transparency and a stronger commitment to sustainability…”


The Best Way To Prepare Fish For The Biggest Brain Benefits

(By Melaina Juntti for Men’s Journal, read the whole article by clicking here)

“A new study from Penn State University found that people who ate baked or broiled fish had healthier brains than those who ate fried fish or no fish at all. And it only took one serving a week to do it.

The researchers gauged brain health by measuring the participants’ grey matter volume (generally, the more volume, the healthier the brain). Compared to non-fish eaters, those who ate baked or broiled had 14 percent more grey matter in the brain region responsible for cognition and 4 percent more volume in the area that controls memory. Those who opted for fried, however, did not have any more grey matter than those who didn’t consume fish…”