Jun 30, 2020

Turner’s Updated Model and Keeping YOU and Our Team Safe


To Our Valued Customers,

We welcome you back to Turners and appreciate your ongoing support.  Turner’s is using every resource available to try to keep you and our team safe, to stay in business during these challenging times, and to continue to serve you the best New Seafood at a price you can still afford.  Turner’s is currently generating less than 50% of pre-pandemic revenues while most of our costs are relatively fixed: meaning we need a certain # of staff just to open doors, the wholesale price of New England’s best fish is much higher than many other proteins or starches, costs of paper products and PPE going up as are the fixed cost of rent, utilities, insurance, internet, tv.  So with ever increase costs and drastically reduced sales, the reality of staying in business is bleak.  Returning to a Pre-Covid full-service model would mean doubling our menu prices, losing even more customers, and still not staying in business. Therefore, we are experimenting with some new technology that may allow us enough flexibility to come out on the other side of this pandemic.  This technology is not perfect and we are working directly with developers to enhance it in the areas of only paying once, ordering all at once but servers can course, allowing cash and gift card payments etc.  While many of us just want things to return to the way they were before Covid-19 pandemic, this is not a viable option for many reasons.

  • Turner’s is socially and morally obligated to keep our guests and team as safe as possible. While Turner’s has always exercised the highest level of safety and sanitation, in order to achieve this goal in the COVID environment Turner’s must
    • Have all guests and staff wear masks when not seated at a table
    • Have a sanitation supervisor on each shift to ensure sanitation protocols are executed properly and consistently
    • Reduce the number of dining seats to maintain social distancing
    • Replacing our reusable menus with an online menu which is safer and allows more flexibility in offerings to maintain good value for our guests
    • Sanitize condiments and all touched surfaces after each use
    • Invest in and use significant amounts of personal protective equipment and cleaning and sanitation supplies
  • What many diners do not realize is that full-service restaurants like Turner’s were struggling before COVID 19. In the 1st 3 months of 2019, 40 restaurants closed in Boston proper alone.  This was double the number of the previous years.  Why?
    • While we support living wages and benefits, the 2014 annual minimum wage increases and accompanying government mandated benefits of health insurance, paid sick leave, paid family and medical leave, resulted in a doubling of labor cost (100% increase) from 2014-2019 for full service restaurants, like Turner’s, that follow all the payroll and benefits laws.  Even a doubling of menu prices, which we did not do, could not have fully offset these drastic increases.
    • Many people don’t realize the successful restaurants work on extremely tight margins of 4 to 10 cents on the dollar and that high-volume sales are the only way restaurants survive. This model was challenging before the pandemic but is now completely unattainable at 40-50% of last year’s revenues.

We explain this all to you in the spirit of honesty and transparency to help you understand why it is essential for Turner’s to adjust some of the ways in which you order and we deliver your food to you.  We want to be here in a year from now and need our guests to all be willing to accept some changes so that we all can move forward together.  While change is usually difficult, good results can come out of challenging times.  We hope to be here to serve you NE Freshest and Best Seafood for many years to come.


Welcome Back to Turner’s!

Please review our new Dining Guidelines:

  • We request that guests self monitor and stay home if they are displaying any of the following symptoms of Covid-19: fever over 100, chills, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, body aches, headache, new loss of taste/smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or fatigue. When entering, we ask you to please sanitize your hands to ensure our strict sanitation policy.
  • In order to comply with social distancing, we will need all guests waiting for their (indoor) table to wait outside until their table is ready.
  • As mandate by the state of Massachusetts, we ask you to please keep your visit to under an hour and a half.
  • Face coverings are required when entering (over your nose and mouth). Your mask can be removed when you are seated. If you need to use the restroom, your mask should again be worn until you return to your table.
  • Please try to stay at least 6 feet away from anyone outside of your party.
  • To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we have implemented a new contactless ordering system. We encourage our guests to view our menu online before dining with us at

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Turner Family & Team