Christmas Eve Pickup in Melrose

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For Melrose customers who have Turner’s Seafood preorders:

When you arrive at Turner’s in Melrose on Christmas Eve, there will be two socially distanced, cued lines forming – one to the right of the front door and one to the left. Choose whichever line is shorter. We will get you through this line quickly. When you get through the line to the checkout table, we will take the name and phone number you gave when placing the order. We will locate your order, take payment and ask you to wait at the pickup table which will be socially distanced from the line. An employee will bring your order to you at this table and you will be on your way. We are limiting the number of customers allowed in the restaurant to keep social distancing safe so if you intend to add to your order, please keep in mind that any delay in getting into the store is all in an effort to keep you and our great staff safe. We thank you for your support this holiday and look forward to seeing you (at a safe distance)!

Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday,

The Turner Family & Team