At Turner’s Seafood, the health and safety of our guests is a top priority.
Following are the procedures we adhere to in our restaurants: Hosts must notify a manager when a guest requests a gluten-free menu, takes a gluten-free to-go order or informs them of a food allergy.
  • Servers must notify a manager when a guest informs them of a food allergy.
  • Shift managers must greet and assure guests of a great dining experience. Managers must determine the guests’ needs and inform them of their option
  • Shift managers must notify the kitchen and chef of the table and seat number of the guest with special dietary needs.
Chefs must follow up with cooks to ensure proper procedures are followed.

These include:

  • Gloves are changed
  • Food is stored proper
  • Clean knife is used
  • Clean cutting board is used
  • Proper pans are used
  • Allergy-designated plate ware is used
  • Allergy-designated utensils are washed with soap and water
  • Food needs to be validated and verified by a manager and chef at the expo window (including to-go orders).
  • Gluten-free or allergy plate must be delivered to the guest by a manager.
  • A manager or server must make a follow-up visit to the table to ensure the quality of the dining experience.
  • Whenever there is uncertainty about an ingredient, the manufacturer’s packaging or its website must be checked for verification.