Salem, MA Lyceum Hall Event Space

Once the cultural and current affairs hub north of Boston where 19th century luminaries, most notably John Quincy Adams, Henry David Thoreau, Daniel Webster, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson lectured on literature, science, and government through the acclaimed Salem Lyceum Society, in historic Lyceum Hall, and where Alexander Graham Bell famously made the first public demonstration of the telephone, today the storied Hall is the thoughtfully adapted home of Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall, and the recent transformation of this architectural gem’s 2nd Floor, where celebrity speakers-of-the-day performed.

For the restoration of Lyceum Hall’s 2nd Floor, we enlisted the renowned Boston architectural firm, Neimitz Design to preserve and create a stylish blend of period and modern, a casual elegance for special functions and events…rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, business meetings and presentations, employee appreciation, baby and bridal showers, awards recognition …celebrations to corporate.